Wednesday, November 6, 2013

"The Future of Programming"

"The Future of Programming"

This is more like a warning than a trully blog post.

Hello guys,
its been sometime without post anything... Since i was moving out my home to a new one and i got stuck in my day work i find it hard to write some big post.
Anyway, this is no scuse, i now...

I, as most of my days ways checking out the news and see older weekly email lists that i assign and saw this video between the links, i find this peace of audio and image very instructive, everbody who is a programmer or want to be should watch and begging to rethink the way we do our things.

The video speaks for itself... watch and get you own perspective.

Bret Victor - The Future of Programming [1].

Some key points that Bret says on his talks are very interesting to implement in now days, those that impress me are the following:
  • Grail System [2];
  • Actor Model [3];
  • SmallTalk Browser [4]:
    • Almost the same screen on his presentation [5];
Another article that is very enlightenment is this, it talks about why arrays start with 0 index or 1 index... i read it on the Guido van Rossum (father of python) blog, check both!

Citation Needed [6].
Guido van Rossum blog [7].




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